In consideration of the mutual covenants made herein, the parties agree as follows:

  1. Parties:
    The Freelancer will be appointed as a Text Chat Moderator. His/her role will be to engage in the business of typing short messages to customers on a virtual entertainment platform on a freelance basis. KCD Recruiting Services will be responsible for providing the resources and the rules for the Text Chat Moderator to follow.

  2. Relationship:
    The parties expressly agree and acknowledge that the relationship created by this Agreement is one of an Independent Contractor. KCD Recruiting Services is not the employer of the Text Chat Moderators, and the Text Chat Moderator will not be treated, as an employee of KCD Recruiting Services for federal tax purposes, or any other purposes.

  3. Contract Period:
    This agreement will begin on the date set forth below and shall continue until terminated as provided by either party. If either party violates a term of this Agreement, then the other party (the “Non-breaching Party”) may terminate this Agreement, effective immediately upon delivery of written notice of termination by the Non-breaching Party. Notwithstanding the foregoing, either party may terminate this Agreement at any time for any or no reason, effective upon thirty (30) days written notice.

  4. Services:
    Text Chat Moderator agrees to type short messages to the customer on the virtual platform. The manner and method of producing these messages is solely at the discretion of KCD Recruiting Services. Rules and regulation will be given to the Text Chat Moderator for him/her to comply under the Agreement.

  5. Compensation:
    KCD Recruiting Services agrees to pay 4-7 euro cents on a tier basis per message sent by the Text Chat Moderator. Tiers are calculated as follows:

0.04 for 100-500 messages
0.05 for 600-800 messages
0.06 for 801-1400
0.07 for 1500 or more messages

Under no circumstances will the Text Chat Moderator be paid on an hourly, daily or other basis that is of the function of a regular employee time. Text Chat Moderator acknowledges and agrees that KCD Recruiting Services will only pay for messages sent.  KCD Recruiting Services agrees to pay bonuses to the top Text Chat Moderator with the most messages at the end of each month as follows:

1st place 125  

2nd place €75

3rd place €25.

Bonus may increase to higher or lower than what is shown here in the agreement on a monthly basis based on performance and quota.

Text Chat Moderator will be paid on a monthly basis on a NET (10) contract.

  1. Taxes:
    As an Independent Contractor, Text Chat Moderator shall be responsible for the reporting, deposit and payment of any and all federal, state, and local taxes, including but not limited to income taxes, FICA taxes, and unemployment taxes incidental to the performance of, or payment under this Agreement.

  2. Confidentiality and good faith:

KCD Recruiting Services attaches great importance to confidentiality. Information acquired during the course of your duties in relation to the activities on the platform, its members or its affiliates should at all times be treated as highly confidential.  Confidential information shall include but is not limited to information relating to the business and affairs of KCD Recruiting Services, its members or its affiliates including but not limited to information held by way of client database, terms of business, information relating to business development, plans and strategies, marketing plans and projects and financial and other information of both KCD Recruiting Services and its members and their constituent members.

Confidential information must be neither discussed outside work at any time nor disclosed to others, nor are you allowed to otherwise make use of any other confidential information with which you have been entrusted or have gained in the course of your engagement.  This applies during your services with KCD Recruiting Services. Unauthorized disclosure of confidential information will be regarded as sufficiently serious to justify summary dismissal.

You agree during the period of your engagement with KCD Recruiting Services not to write for publication or comment in public about any aspect of the Company’s business or the business of any of its members or their constituent members without the prior consent in writing KCD Recruiting Services.

If this agreement is violated or sabotage intentionally or willingly, an immediately due and payable fine of € 2500 per violation will be fined against the freelancer.


  1. Governing law:
    This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the country of registration of KCD Recruiting Services to settle any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Agreement.

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